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Census Blog November 9, 2009

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This particular blog is about the k-12 census in our area to the amount of those children being served in a tutor/mentor program. 

The first area is Austin.  Out of all the research, we could only find two out of about five tutor/mentor programs that give an exact number of the children they serve.  The census for the Austin area of K-12th graders are approximately 32,528.  Out of all those children only 200-225 of them are served.  In the Cluster Program about 75 children are served, and in the Westside Holistic Family Service about 125-150 are served.  We think that there is not a great amount of children being served for the population of those children.  Clearly, there is more children being served but it does not appear on tutor/mentor programs websites such as the Austin YMCA.  We believe that if the number of the unknown services are the same as the ones that do show a number served, it is still a low amount for the population. 


According to the 2000 census, North Lawndale’s population was 41,768 people 31.56% being 5-19 years old.  This means that 15,000-16,000 people are 5-19.  Tutor/mentoring programs found in the area include Lawndale Christian Development, Steans Family Foundation, North Lawndale Community Network, and UMOJA Community Development Corporation.  Each of these main programs in North Lawndale effect the community by helping children be successful, and even keep crime down by keeping kids in school.  The Lawndale Christian Development Corporation allows more than 300 community members to take advantage of technology in the center.  North Lawndale Community Network includes ten local schools that they are partnered with, allowing the number of students being helped to be over 12,000.  UMOJA partners itself with two local high schools.  More than 1,100 students from Manley High School participate in half day student development sessions.  Altogether, the K-12 grade programs add up to 13,400 students that are being helped by the programs in North Lawndale.  The population of K-12 graders is around 15,500 students.  These statistics determine that only 2,100 kids are not involved in some kind of tutor/mentoring program. 


The co

Pilsen is the largest populated neighborhood of Latinos in Chicago. According to the census in 1998, Pilsen’s population almost reached 50,000 people; the median age being between 18 and 20 years old. About 36% of the children that live in Pilsen live below the poverty. About 65% of the children that live below that poverty line drop out of school before their senior year of high school. But 70% of all residents of Pilsen have less than ninth grade education.  Of the 12,340 families in Pilsen, 22% of those are run by the mother; the fathers are non-existent in their lives. Because of these issues the children in Pilsen do not really look forward into a brighter future.

Conclusions we have drawn are that these children may or may not enrolled in schools, but how can we get them to become associated with the tutor/mentor programs?  We think that if a community perhaps gave out fliers or a take home note to parents at schools expressing how successful their programs are and how successful their children can be, then that census of children being served can be raised much higher.  Helping children to become involved in a tutor/mentor program will allow them to be that successful person they never dreamed of being.  These low amounts of children being served in tutor/mentor programs shows that maybe they just do not know about it or they are not enthusiatic toward learning.  If tutor/mentor programs made their programs seem exciting and make children want to come to their programs then more children will want to be served.


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