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Geography and What Identifies Your Neighborhood to Outsiders October 26, 2009

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North Lawndale

North Lawndale is between the Eisenhower and Cicero. Douglas Park is the main landmark that is visible when first looking at the area. The other park that is relatively close is Franklin park. There are also several hospitals that show up on a map in that general area including St. Anthony and Mt. Sinai. These places in North Lawndale can affect how commuters going to the city each day can recognize this area.  Maybe putting up a billboard on the Eisenhower about the local hospitals or parks would attract people to the area.  Another way to attract possible tutor/mentors would be to offer them some kind of benefits such as college credit or community service hours. 


 This community is west of the Kennedy and north of the Eisenhower.  Austin has a golf course and a couple of parks.  Columbus Golf Course is extremely close to the Eisenhower, perhaps giving the area a chance of increased tourism.  A tutor/mentor program in this area could go about making themselves more known by putting up signs around the golf course or giving out free holes for golf for volunteers to get people interested in tutoring or mentoring.

Little Village  

Little Village is north of the Stevenson and South of the Eisenhower and is near North and South Lawndale.  There are no major attractions in the area but this part of Chicago could put up ads for help in a local newspaper or ask a program in North Lawndale to advertise for them through the people they attract from the expressway. 


Pilson is pretty close to the Dan Ryan and Stevenson.  They have a couple of parks as well as a local metra station.  In the metra station tutor or mentor programs could advertise and maybe even pass out flyers.  So many people come to work on the metra each day, in this busy area it should be relatively easy to recruit some new help.

East Garfield Park The Garfield Park neighborhood is not a very attracting neighborhood due to the heavy amount of pollution on the streets and the high crime in the neighborhood. Main streets in the neighborhood include Madison Street, Lake Street, Washington Street, Jackson, Fulton, and Harrison streets. Geography such as the Park itself, the famous Golden Dome field house, as well as the Garfield Park conservatory attracts plenty of tourists. The high African American population also brings the culture and significance to the area. Bethany Hospital is located in the area. One way to inform people about the area is to post billboards about the area or advertise that the area needs help. Another way to gain help for the area is to send letters or emails to businesses close to the downtown area because of closeness in proximity to the area. 

In conclusion, tutor/mentor programs can advertise by taking advantage of busy local places and setting up benefits for volunteers and even setting up billboards.  The closer an area is to the interstate, the more of a chance they have to succeed in the process of attracting new helpers.   


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