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Summary of Chicago’s Southwest September 28, 2009

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We focused on the areas part of the Southwest of Chicago which included: Pilsen, Austin, North Lawndale, Little Village and East Garfield Park. These neighborhoods are found along the Eisenhower Expressway and are west of the Dan Ryan and north of the Stevenson. The Southwest contains parks, restaurants, schools, public transportation, and several tutor mentoring organizations. Along with these resources one will find crime, foreclosure, and poverty.

From the information we gathered we determined that these areas found on the Southwest side of Chicago are not among the more prominent neighborhoods in the city. The areas focused on had few tutor/mentor programs and the educational opportunities are not very beneficial to the youth of the communities.  

Due to the lack of promising educational opportunites, we’ve drawn the conclusion that crime has skyrocketed in these neighborhoods especially during this recession. The primary types of crime in these areas include:  theft, battery, narcotics, criminal damage, assault, and other similar offenses.  We believe that if there were more successful education and tutor/mentor programs, the crime rate in these areas would decrease significantly.  

As an outcome of poor education and very few tutor/mentor programs, it is a large possibility that poverty can be solved by better educational opportunities.  The information we gathered showed us the higher the education the less poverty is a main problem in areas.  The Southwest is an example of a community in need and can be greatly helped by people willing to support and help fund the already existing tutor/mentor programs or help create new ones.

Throughout this process we hope to discover more and more educational opportunities and encourage people to volunteer and get involved with tutor/mentor programs in this community.  We believe that if more people got involved these areas would add progression to making this part of the city a succesful, and enjoyable place to be.


2 Responses to “Summary of Chicago’s Southwest”

  1. jhickey50 Says:

    I can relate this blog to my group’s area (Group 2) because our neighborhoods are in need of more educational organizations too. Therefore, I agree that by encouraging people and providing more resources for the people in need our community will become a much better place. Poverty levels will eventually decrease if more support and voluntary work is provided in organizations where it could only help people to better themselves and gain an education.


  2. Raul Says:

    The minute I heard your group’s name, I knew you guys would do a good job. And you didn’t disappoint either. I enjoyed reading your intro and I found it very useful because my group has the same problems that your area has. I really like the layout of your page and the way that you go about explaining your area to people that are new to blogging. Keep up the good work!


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